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Scholastic Marching Band contests uses a 4 judge scoring system, 2 music totaling 60 points (30 music performance / 30 music effect) and 2 visual totaling 40 points (20 performance / 20 effect). There are captions for Auxiliary and Percussion, 20 points each. Their score is not counted in the overall scoring but used for best in class and for Achievement of Excellence awards.

The concept and sheets reward the performers, even on the effect sheets. Thus the ratio for scoring is 70% the students, 30% the program. Sheets are driven by sub-caption terminology and criteria. Ratings are based on a scale of "Low Level to Superior". The range may be found on the judges tote sheets link above.

Achievment of Excellence awards may be offered at any contest. Any band can score an "Achievement of Excellence" which is based on scoring percentile. The % is different for each class, but does remain the same throughout the year. This award will help motivate bands to achieve no matter their ranking.

All adjudicators are peers in the activity and must already be qualified to judge by an association. The exception is for Auxiliary, where adjudicators may only have background in the activity and not necessarily connected to a judging association but have received education regarding SMB sheets, trialing and numbers management.